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1 Spool of
VinylGuard Renews:
per Item:
55 Bunker Rake Handles $3.35 each
35 1/2" Regulation Flagsticks $3.63 each
35 3/4" Tapered Flagsticks $4.40 each
12 Ball Washer Posts $9.33 each
66 Square Stakes $2.06 each
66 Make Your Own Stakes $1.48 each

"THE PRODUCT IS ONE OF THE BEST THAT I HAVE SEEN IN YEARS. We have done all of our rakes (300) in green and two spare sets of tournament poles. They came out amazing. We may never buy new flagsticks again, just replace the ferrules." - Brian Benedict, The Seawane Club, Hewlett Harbor, NY

"No more scratched paint on flagsticks. BETTER THAN REPAINTING. It eliminates fiberglass splinters too. You can also use it on the handles of shovels and rakes. " - Comment on TurfNet

"THE PRODUCT IS ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE!! I can't say enough about how easy it is to apply and how little maintenance we have had since putting it on our bunker rakes. No fading either." - Jack MacKenzie, CGCS, Minnesota GCSA, Forest Lake, MN

"IT LOOKS GREAT. I'VE BEEN VERY PLEASED WITH THE PRODUCT" - Joe Wachter, CGCS, Glen Echo Country Club, St. Louis, MO

"I AM USING THE VINYLGUARD ON MY BUNKER RAKES AND LOVE IT! It is holding up very well. A little ArmorAll in the spring and they are as good as new. Actually installed black glossy VinylGuard on our galvanized ball washer posts (issues with paint sticking) this past season and they look great! You will be satisfied." - Paul Diegnau, CGCS, Keller Golf Course, St. Paul, MN

"DID MINE AT LEAST TWO OR THREE YEARS AGO AND THEY STILL LOOK GREAT. Leave them out year-round now. GREAT PRODUCT AND HIGHLY RECCOMEND." - Matt Crowther, CGCS, Mink Meadows Golf Club, Martha's Vineyard, MA






VinylGuard shrink-wrap is the ultimate renewal and protection solution for golf course equipment

Apply a good-looking, better than new, low cost, exterior grade vinyl covering in just minutes with a heat gun. Refurbish and extend the life of:

  • Bunker Rake Handles
  • >
  • Hazard Stakes
  • >
  • Ball Washer Posts
  • Flagsticks
  • >
  • Out-of -Bounds Stakes
  • >
  • And More
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End the cycle of seasonal replacements and maintenance with VinylGuard

VinylGuard will not fade, splinter, crack, nick, scratch, or stain. It provides years of tough protection against damage from abrasion and exposure to sunlight, lawn chemicals and the elements — eliminating the need for expensive and frequent maintenance.

5 Year Limited Warranty
Low Cost
Very Attractive and Highly Visible — Wide selection of bright colors match the popular brands of flagsticks, rake handles and stakes.
Extremely Durable — Easy to clean, will not crack or fade and will last for years.

Quick and Easy to Apply, Remove and Replace

New! Make Your Own
Striped Fairway Barber Poles Kit

Extra Tall | High Visibility
UV Resistant | Shatterproof

Kit makes up to five 5-ft. poles
or three 8-ft. poles

Quickly and easily make the most visible, long-lasting, UV resistant distance and hazard marking poles with the VinylGuard Striped Fairway Barber Poles Kit and standard PVC pipe

  • 25 ft. spool of white VinylGuard
  • 18 pre-cut, high gloss,
    UV resistant red or
    black adhesive-backed
    vinyl stripes
  • 5 matching white caps
  • Instructions Laser LInk Smart Sticks

Laser Link SmartSticks™ Renewal KitLaser LInk Smart Sticks

Are your SmartSticks™ scratched and worn out?

Before & After

Economically refurbish expensive SmartSticks™ with low-cost VinylGuard. Custom hole cutting tool included to expose the prisms. They'll look better than new and last years longer.

Renewal Kits fit the 1/2" regulation and older 3/4" tapered tournament SmartSticks™ with the wide-diameter aluminum reflective prism devices installed in the body of the flagsticks™.

Use FS-7550 to renew the new, slim ¾" tapered tournament SmartSticks™with the prisms embedded in the fiberglass. Purchase the custom hole cutting tool separately.

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Treat the ladies to something special this year Summertime means Ladies' Days and Breast Cancer Awareness Fundraisers — VinylGuard your old flag sticks in HOT PINK!
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Make Your Own Stakes
Make Your Own Markers & Stakes
SAVE 60%
Brighter colors and longer lasting than any you can buy.

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